Passion for Israel


Prophesy being fulfilled - A Warning to Israel


In the spirit realm I seen the nation of Iran ... I seen a large like human figure clothed in armor with some sort of animal type head stooped before the nation (Isaiah 46:1) ... The Lord indicated this figure was the fallen demon "Marduk"  ... The Lord indicted this fallen demon marduk is a type of arch demon over many lesser demons in the middle east area. I noticed the nation of Iran had turned into or was represented by a warrior ... armor began to develop and appear on this warrior indicating the growing military arsenal including nuclear weapons being developed by this county. The Lord said they were planning to destroy His People. This warrior (Iran) was becoming more embolden or very aggressive in their stance and hatred / rage against Israel (Saudi Arabia as well).  I saw Iranian influence or future control (possible military aggression) from Iran to the north (Syria), west (Iraq) and from the south Yemen, Strait of Hormuz).

A possibility! - (Daniel 7 & 8) - In Daniel's dream Iran is represented by the bear that took control over Iraq (Lion) after being defeated by the US. Turkey (Leopard) is probably in conflict with Iran at the present and will be the victor later if this is the true synopsis. Foreign news media today are indicating Iran is controlling at least in part many military actions on going in Syria and Yemen / Strait of Hormuz. Iran also may be looking or preparing to destroy Saudi Arabia in the near future due to their differences and what Saudi Arabia represents (Babylon - Rev. 17)

(It has been reported that the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia hate / mistrust the Shiites of Iran and have entered into some degree of an alliance with Israel for protection - hoping Israel will destroy Iran before they have nuclear weaponry).


Billy B

Feb. 2015




The Sheppard's Camp

Obadiah, Psalms 83:2-8; Isaiah 2:11, 12, 10:20-22, 43:1, 5, 6 ; Jeremiah 30:3, 7; Micah 2:12, 13; 4

An angel of the Lord called Auriel/Uriel came to me ... he had golden hair and carried a scroll ... he opened the scroll ...

I couldn't read the scroll ... I was ashamed of my own weaknesses, faults and very aware of my sins ... I wept ... I thanked the Lord for His sacrifice on the cross ... I asked the Holy Spirit to help me ...

There is a peace or uneasy interlude in the Middle East political situation ... the UN is attempting to instigate a peacefully resolution ... John Kerry (US foreign relations representative and other countries representatives) fails to solidify a useful agreement ...

The Holy Spirit took me up on a high building overlooking a city in the Middle East ... I seen the city under siege ... being attacked ... smoke from bombs ... sound of gun fire ... women and kids scurrying for safety ... crying out of individuals in terror ...  

The Lord said ... "My People's time of suffering is drawing to a close ..." I seen the great Sheppard rise up from the middle of the camp and begin to sweep away obstacles / debris all around the camp borders that was hindering the camps operation and expansion.

"Behold I shall raise up a signal (Lord raises up his arm with his Specter that glowed like a bright lamp) ... this light shall emanate like a pulsing  beacon making My People aware of the time that is about to come upon them ... when I shall gather My People to Me, and remove that which inhibits the coming of My Crown Jewel ... a refuge for My People Jacob ... to return to Me and once again My House shall be complete, full before the great and terrible day that comes upon all mankind, which shall ensnare, binds, destroys the evil thoughts and actions of mankind from coming to fruition ...

My People's home coming preparations are about to begin like the initial birth pangs of a woman in labour ..."   (Micah 5:3)

In that day ...

I heard the Shofars blowing and blowing as if heralding in a new era about to come to pass ... beginning that great migration homeward ...

The Lord said: "I will cleanse the hearts and minds of My People so they will be able to stand before me ... that which will commemorate the reconciliation of My People to Me" 

Billy B
Nov. 2013


The Wilderness Kingdom (Church)

Ezekiel 11:17 - 20; 20:34 - 44; Isaiah 10:21, 44:5 - 23; Jeremiah 30; 31:31 - 34; Isaiah 35, etc.

I asked the Lord what this future wilderness Kingdom or Church would like in the latter half of the final seven years on earth.

I seen ... The Lord walking through the wilderness (the now expanded borders of Israel - Obadiah, Psalms 83:2-8) of dead shrubs, dried creek beds, boulders, rough dry land with no vegetation ... instantly whatever the Lord's feet or robe touched the area or vicinity instantly became alive ... shrubs came alive, dry creek beds began to flow, dry land became lush with grass ...

When the descendants of Jacob (the gathered 10 tribes) and Judah including the Levite tribe (remaining 2 tribes from Israel) were coming to this wilderness area (Ezekiel 37) ... The Lord met them ... He touched them, embracing them ... loving them ... when He embraced each individual  their bodies were healed, refreshed, sorrow left them ... His Presence soothed them ... at nights when some would sob or grieve due to separations from families or fear / anxiety from being uprooted from their past lives The Lord walked amongst them ... touching each troubled individual ... instantly their bodies and minds were filled with His Peace ... allowing them to rest (a personal relationship being strengthen and built with their Lord)

The Lord said His People (The Kingdom) would become mature ... I seen the Jewish people were dwelling in one area, Jacob in another ... The Lord came and walked amongst them ... taking their hands and joining both camps together ... The Lord showed me how the Gentiles would become spiritual fathers to the Jewish people, bringing revelation of Jesus Christ to their understanding ... the Jews in turn would teach the Gentiles how their relationship with the Father is founded on the Torah, the law, the Sabbath,  the feasts, etc. ... I seen beautiful gardens of fruit in mature stages representing the now combined church (Jews and Gentiles) ... the Kingdom or Church is now complete (Ephesians 4:13) ... this completeness, maturity in revelation, understanding and worship created a continuous  open Heaven ... I seen Angels coming and going with huge baskets ... food for the Church ... this Heavenly food when tasted brought a Heavenly sensation to their bodies and minds ... warm winds at night to comfort and cool winds in the day for refreshing ... the Holy Spirit moved among the people ... the people or the different tribe's individualism of cultural and customs was represented by different colors ... as the people ministered to each other the Holy Spirit became very colorful ... a mixing or union between (tribes) peoples... the people's new revelation, knowledge created continuous praise to their God causing a continuous open Heaven atmosphere (a prelude of Heaven on earth) ... white whirl winds coming down brought the former old patriots of faith (bible individuals) who preached and intermingled with the people... scenes of water flowing out of rocks down to pools which were filled with youth ... having leisurely fun days! ... scenes of many flags / symbols in lines ... trumpets blowing ... assembling of the Church ... Angels blowing trumpets in the Heavens ... notifying Heaven to receive the Church's petitions that bring in God's final bowels of wrath Judgments ... the fire on God's Alter in Heaven  is greatly increased in magnitude and sound (satan has been removed from Heaven after the seventh seal, thus all accusations / opposition against the people and their power through prayer to move Heaven on their behalf and bring God's plans to fruition has been eliminated)

We the people will hear and see the Heavenly Kingdom ... for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand ... the Glory of Heaven will reach our ears (music / Heavenly sounds)

Note: In Genesis 49 Jacob's last words to his sons (tribes of Israel) included the tribe of Dan ... later in Revelation 7 John lists the final 12 tribes that the Lord draws from to send worldwide exposing the Wilderness Kingdom as the only safe sanctuary in those days ... in those final 12 tribes listed the tribe of Dan is removed and the tribe of Joseph is split into two tribes, the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh ... therefore in the latter days these tribes Ephraim, Manasseh and the original earlier tribes of northern Israel excluding the tribe of Dan are part of Jacob

The Lord said ... "For I will have compassion upon Jacob ... My Son ... he will feel My Acceptance ... My Love ... and he will re compensate Me with his"


Billy B

June 2013


The Day of Atonement

Lev. 23:26-32; Lev. 16:15; Lev. 23:27; Lev. 23:32; Zech. 14:7


The Lord allowed me to see the Wilderness Church at one moment ...

The Lord said to me ... " I will leave nothing to chance "

I seen many of the people, both Jew and Gentile who now had become the new complete church ... each tribe was recognizable by their individual robes, each of distinct color and pattern. It was shown to me that all the colors of the twelve tribes were diffracted from one white light (Jesus). The Holy Spirit emphasized to me that all people, whether the scattered descendants from all the Tribes of Jacob or those tribes who originally stayed in Israel (Judah, Levite) or the strangers amongst them had equal stature in the site of the Lord. I noticed there was commotion amongst the people. Leaders signified by their robes were running to and fro searching our and praying for certain individual people. I felt or realized a heavy somber mood or presence was upon the Church. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that the Lord wished no one to be left behind and was prompting many to prepare all for the coming rapture from this wilderness Church or Kingdom to the Heavenly Kingdom.

I seen many kneeling down, prostrate upon the ground ... expecting, waiting ... the atmosphere was electrifying ... ominous ... it was neither light nor dark ... I sensed it was in the evening ... suddenly everything became illuminated by light ... many looked up ... The Lord was descending ... the sky filled with His Statue ... there were many behind ...


March / 2013

Billy B

Preparation for the Home Coming
Psalm 83; 2-8; Ezekiel 30: 2-8; Obadiah 1: 1-18
The Lord said come!
Immediately I was on the back of a huge eagle (the Holy Spirit) traveling in the spirit. I was high above, when looking down I seen a man dressed in a white gown standing upon a high mountain top viewing all that was below. I asked the Lord who this man was. The Lord said "It is Me". Immediately I came and stood beside Him. I saw all the powers of Heaven above standing worshiping and waiting upon the Lord. I immediately knelt down  to worship Him. The Lord said to look down from this view point. I seen a land filled with rough topography and asked the lord what I was seeing. The Lord said this was Israel. Immediately, I saw Israel's army moving out and sweeping forth across the land from its immediate borders. I seen the Angel of the Lord going before them. In the spirit I seen this physical action as a spiritual movement and this physical action taken by Israel's army became a dragon. The Lord said the smoke coming from the beast was the Lord's indignation and the Lord's vengeance that was about to be poured out upon His enemies (Israel's enemies). The great beast spew fire from its nostrils. The Lord said this fire will burn up and consume the lands and it will become like stubble before them. The Lord said "Peace shall follow upon this land where I shall stand" (Jacob's Land)

Billy B
The Home Coming
Isaiah 2, Micah 4
In the spirit realm I seen many people traveling ... coming home. The Lord likened this future event as in the past where Caesar of Augusta had put out a decree where all people were to be registered for the purpose of taxation (Luke 2). The head of each family had to journey back to his original roots where his ancestral records were kept. Many of these people will come home to their roots, to this mountain or area (The Lord's House or Kingdom) in the near future. These many people (the lost 10 tribes) are descendants of Jacob who had been taken into exile by the Babylonian Empire. When released at the appointed time their disobedience and Idolatrous ways caused God to abandon them. Only the tribes of Judah, Levi and a remnant of Benjamin went back to Israel. The remaining 10 tribes of Israel did not return to Israel but migrated north to Europe and then to North America, etc. where they live today. Soon the Lord will begin to call them out in an attempt to bring them home.
I seen the Lord's Hand raised ... as a signal to stay some of the coming judgments upon the world until this migration is complete. This Kingdom or area will be the only safe refuge once the Lord's final judgments commence. The Lord said He will raise many of His people up in that day and likened them to Stephen (Acts 6:8, Rev. 7). They will be full of faith, power and do great feats. I seen them going forth in the latter half of the last week mentioned by Daniel 9, 12) ... (Rev. 6) I seen there was much destruction upon the world and these strengthened servants with the might of the Lord were going to and fro witnessing to those left upon the face of the world ... salvation and refuge from the further terror and destruction to come that culminates this time and advances the Lord's Millennium.
September 2, 2012

Billy B
God's Warning against Israel's Enemies

September 21, 2011

An impending earthquake, registering 9.7 on the Richter scale devastating Turkey and countries south.

The  United Nations is deliberating on giving the Palestine people their own country that would be recognized by the world. Some of this land would be territory Israel obtained after the six day war including Jerusalem which made them a bonafide state, legitimate or sovereign country.
God's promise in Isaiah Chapter 66 came to pass in May 14, 1948 where Israel became a sovereign state in one day as God had prophesied (Is. 66 - 7,8). The Lord goes on to state His future plans for Israel and his punishment for those coming against them. In Genesis 12:3 God promised to bless those countries or people in general who bless Abram's people, which became that great nation called Israel. God also warned that He would curse those who curse Abram's people. God promised to keep the oath He had sworn with their fathers and redeem His People forever and would repay or destroy those who hate Him or His Own (Deut. 7:7 - 10)

As I seen this horrific scene in the spirit realm, streets were raised up like a wave of water and tall buildings literally seemingly plucked up and toppling over.

The Lord said: " A Sovereign Promise Can Not Be Broken Without Retribution. I am going to come against those who come against My People. I shall rise up spokesmen, leaders across the globe on defense of My People. What is coming against some nations will cause them to be defenseless against supporting themselves
(economies will be destroyed creating food shortages, etc.) Never again will they mount an attack verbally or physically against My People. I will raise the stakes against those who secretly plot to destroy My People. In the midst of their own countries national disasters will rise up to plaque, weaken and bring down their might."

The Lord showed me how the people themselves are responsible for their leader's action and would receive the same discipline as their leader's disobedience against the Lord's Elect.

Billy B 

                                                                                                           This time has now Come


(Isaiah 17, Jerm. 49, Amos 1)

I believe an earthquake and or war will destroy Damascus and other areas surrounding Syria. This is God's judgment against Syria for their open inequity in their hearts and deeds against God's elect (Israel). Israel will also be judged because of their worldly ways. (seeking man's approval and help instead of Yahweh their God)

" Their voices will become hoarse from crying out, their stomachs empty with fear. They will feel faint, shaken by their circumstances and nowhere will they receive help, except by turning from their wickedness, back to Yahweh their God"
 As we know today, Israel is being judged by the entire world for their actions, especially their dealings with the Palestinian people and factions. Today they feel pressured more than ever, trying to be political correct in all their dealings, to obtain the approval of all nations in their fight to survive as a nation. Their economy is hurting, due to the continuing fighting with faction groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) and the global economic slowdown. Countries surrounding them, all waiting to destroy them has caused an uncertainty, a subtle fear or uneasiness upon all Israelis.

"They will turn back to Me, seeking My face, My help in these tumultuous times - once again My People will look to Me, because of their lack of finances, economic hardships, lack of acceptance by other nations. They will trade in their confidence in themselves, their own understanding / works and dependence on other nations. But not all My People will feel this helplessness, fear that they have sown in their lives and in the lives of their children. For My Remnant has not deserted Me. They have kept their faith in Yahweh their God. I have seen and heard their cries, and concerns. I have taken notice of their stance for Me, waiting, trusting in Me. I have placed a confidence in their hearts, so they will stand fast, being encouraged and trusting whole-heartedly in Yahweh their God. They shall be a beacon of light for others to see. This unshaken steadfast confidence, will draw others to be nourished, to once again allow their hearts to be attracted and hope in Me. Worldly nations are also being judged because they have turned their backs on Me, concerned only in their own gain, cheating Me, commitments to their countries and people, robbing the poor, widows and orphans. They and their deeds are an abomination before Me. The noise from the flourish (constantly seeking material gain) will be silenced! Their abundance shall vanish! The noise of their fever for more will be replaced with a quieting, disturbing troubled mood of uncertainty - opening the door for many to begin to ponder, wonder about their uncertain futures - quieting hearts to become aware of their Yahweh God"

Psalm 2
The psalmist wonders why nations and people rebel against God, because there is no chance of success. The psalmist points out that ultimate judgment has been entrusted to Christ by God's declaring all power and authority has been given to His Son. The psalmist encourages us to be aware or obedient to our Lord's instructions or wishes to remove judgment from our door. These actions indicate our trust in our God and blessings shall surely follow.
Psalm 4
As the psalmist David cries out to God for mercy, the Lord's answer seems frustrated with people in general. God speaks of how man's striving for material gain is his main concern and how worthless and foolish these actions and desires are. These carnal desires turns God's glory into shame in our lives. David encourages us not to become overwhelmed with these stressful conditions that we find upon ourselves, but quietly look to God for answers and directions for all problems. David goes on to say that materialistic success does not come close to the peace and happiness ones feels when God's hand or presence is evident in our lives. The Lord alone is the only one who can keep our hearts and minds peaceful in all our present situations.
Billy B.


As a Watchman...

The Lord's Spirit impressed upon me that the plight of His people, Israel was endangered. They are constantly turning & searching for the approval of other peoples, nations when planning & bringing their plans into action to preserve their well being as a people & nation. The Lord desires Israel to turn their backs on the other nations for their approval, which then dictates their interests & direction for Israel.  The Lord wants Israel to look to Him, for their direction and protection, for only He is the protector & God of Israel. Then He will sit down with them, walk amongst them, give them solace & direction with assurance.    Let us as the Church, pray for the leadership and people of Israel to look up to their God, who is well able to lead and give His people refuge.
Billy B.

As a Watchman...            
This morning the Lord's Spirit came upon me. The Lord said: "You are the protector of Israel -- a watchman on the wall." I saw myself on a high wall, looking out in the distance, looking for the enemy and his maneuvers. "Pray the water of Elijah quenches the fires in the hearts and minds of man (fanned by the devil) to wage war against My land (Israel)." I saw planes dropping bombs, etc. (the typical war scene) I prayed for Israel's protective angels to bring forth this heavenly water, to douse the embers being fanned in these men's minds and hearts. The situation is very serious.  Please lift up your voices / prayers to help strengthen these angels in their plight to come against Israel's enemies.
Billy B.  



My People-- My Desire

Ezekiel 36:8

 The Lord prompted me, a watchman on the wall for Israel, to pray the scales of blindness and darkness begin to fall from eyes, hearts and understanding of His people. I saw white linen, representing the righteousness and holiness of the Lord, beginning to be stained with blood. This is the Lord's blood, a sacrifice for His people. Understanding is coming to His people, likening His sacrifice of all sacrifices to the sacrifice of lambs to atone for their sins of the past. I prayed for a leader to come forth, who will invite, believe and listen to the messengers the Lord sends to them, for discernment and direction for the country. I seen at present, Israel as a man who has his feet stuck in miry clay, unable to move in any direction, but with the Lord's help, I seen the man on the rock, clean and dry, overlooking the heads of all his enemies, looking beyond with clarity the direction he must take. I saw in the Negev dessert, water wells springing up(possible artisan wells), watering the land that was being irrigated for massive gardens of produce. I sensed this new technology would create miraculously amounts of vegetables. I seen children running around, to and fro, all dressed in wedding gowns, indicating the people were beginning to accept their Lord and Savior...they were the Lord's Bride. This is the Lord's word and desire for His people. May you, as the saints, water his dream (pray), that it may grow, bloom and become a reality!                                                                                               
                                                                                                     4/28/2007  ~Billy B.              

As  a Watchman...
There is a new wine skin of God's Design coming forth. I see this new wine spreading across the land of Israel, being spread by the spirit of God. Israel is God's passion, His love and what happens in His land is a forerunner to what happens to the spiritual church, that which was grafted into His Kingdom.
This new wine is going to replace the old wine, those who drink of the new wine shall see and experience the Lord in a dramatic new way, rededicating their vows and lives to the Lord. This new wine is a better way of moving people's hearts toward their God. Rivers of living water will flow from people's hearts to others, being carried by this new wine, God's Love. These last day love ministries will be a more powerful way for God to reach and reveal His Glory to the people through His different new designs or avenues, being carried forth by the power of God's Love. 
8/28/2007  ~ Billy B. 
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