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 Eagle's View
This site is to share what the Lord has said; bringing peace, hope and encouragement! Prophesy means: Inspired Speaking. Foretelling or prediction made under divine influence. In the bible, one inspired by God to teach His will to men and to announce future events.
In the last days, "God said, I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams. Acts2:17 God wants to give his people a gift of dreaming.
Yes, the Holy spirit shall come upon all my servants, men and women alike,
 and they shall prophesy.
Acts 2:18

~ Prophetic Insights ~

Dear Friends and Saints,  
As I was in in the presence of the Lord I felt to get a pen and paper this is a word that I received years ago in 1991 to be exact, it is still alive and meaningful today.  I believe the Lord wants me to share this with you. While receiving this word from Him I could  feel His incredible love for His people.
He has His eye on you!
 In His Love for you,  Lois.

Keep your focus on me and not on the circumstances that surround you. For I am looking after my people which are now the remnant of the true body of Christ. I know who they are! They are my sons and daughters that bow before me and have no other gods before them. They have no idol worship, for that is an abomination to me!
I shall spew them out of my mouth just as my word says I will.
I am coming sooner than they think and they will not be ready to meet my beloved son, Jesus!
Whoever comes and lays down their life before me, I will in no way cast out!
My desire is to see that not one of my people shall be cast into the "lake of fire and brimstone"
that I had prepared for the devil and his followers.
They shall not escape judgment, as I am a jealous God!
If only they would give up their idolatry and bow before me, I hear their cries.
My mercy would go before them and I would save them from all the destruction that lies ahead.
It is the penalty that burns in mans hearts and minds and it shall cost them their souls for not placing their eyes upon me only. If only they knew how much I truly love them, they would not disregard my word so lightly.They choose their own inheritance. Tell them! Tell them! Tell them!
They must now know not to look to the left or to the right. The days ahead are numbered and are drawing nigh to me. To my people I say, "Come quickly", do not wait any longer for if it not be for my mercy.
I shall shorten the days ahead to save them, but only if their hearts and minds are focused only upon their living God: " The Great I Am!"
Come and drink now while there is still time! Come and drink from my son's living water and I will place my spirit upon you and you shall be refreshed and I shall restore your soul. Yes, come quickly to me;
all who are heavy laden and burdened down with the cares of this world.

Yes, come drink from my brook that never runs dry!

Exodus 3:4,   Exodus 20:5,  Jeremiah 23:3,  Ezekiel 14:5,  Matthew 11:22, 
Matthew 24:22,

Luke 18:7,  Revelation 2:23,  Revelation 3:16,  Revelation 20:10,  Revelation 22:17




 " Home of the Red man "

The Spirit of the Lord said " I am stirring up My Spirit in this Province ... The First Nations People are about to and are beginning to be stirred ... seeing My Agenda for their lives, their people and people of this province. My leaders, the leading of this people (First Nations) are being downloaded with My Plans, My Desire ... these leaders will experience wash and cleansing cycles in their lives ... then when able will carry My Agenda to My / their people ...great uprisings of My Spirit will be evident ... these forerunners will carry My New Linen, My Glory to a down trodden ed people ... cycles of washing, rinsing and clothing of My Spirit of My Glory ... these people will wear My Fine Linen, My Glory ... wells of living water from the past (North Battleford Revial) will be re dug, creating an even greater flowing of My Spirit ... Gov't Bodies (Regina) will be affected and succemb to My Awareness ...throwing away the past (sordid flawed lives) and gladly accepting My new clothing ... this new awareness of Mine will create or turn many Gov't Departments in a new direction ... a road of holiness and righteousness ... this new awareness of My Spirit emanating from this province / regions will set it apart and there will be an awareness by the rest of Canada ... I am honoring the forefathers of this great people ... they will be uplifted, respected and honored by many ... visiting dignitaries to this province will be affected by this new atmosphere of My Spirit ... many will take My Spirit, this new awareness home with them causing isolated fires of My Spirit amongst this nation ...top leader(s) of the Saskatchewan Government will fall under the influence of My Glory ...their families will be touched ... there will be an across border effect of My Spirit to some degree into Manitoba and Alberta ... Edmonton will feel the affects of this new uprising of My Spirit ... There will be a digging of new wells of My Spirit ... deep wells will be dug ... an overflowing of My Spirit in that area ...very deep wells ... a concentration of My Spirit affecting / changing the natural ... creating supernatural phenomena ... (life changing events ... miracles, healing(s), etc.) ... a strong flowing atmosphere of My Power (open Heaven)

Dec. 2018



Holy Spirit further emphasized the coming finding out or unraveling of the Catholic Church / Papacy. Their finances and uncovering of their business dealings with a maze of corrupt, evil syndicates. (I thought of the deteriorating financial scene in Italy ... wondering if the government begins in desperation to breakdown / unlock their financial conglomerates when looking for additional income from the Papacy) Holy Spirit then indicated the United Kingdom and the coming transparency ... connection between the Papacy and the Monarchy in Great Britain.

Oct. 2019

2018 and beyond ...

  • Riots and social turbulence coming forth

  • Anger against the establishment (Government Agencies) demanding the stepping down of corrupt officials and regulatory bodies

  • The growing emergence of nation's people into one voice, calling for unity against this establishment due to continued exposure of the corruption in leadership

  • Tighter controls on medi-care

  • Colder seasonal temperatures (a spiritual wake up call for that which is about to be ushered in)

  • Greater Governmental controls of all assets including the public assets

  • Mystery develops of massive fish population dying off in oceans

  • The beginning of dissension and deterioration from within of the Catholic Church

  • Pope will be found out by many of loyal followers of the Church (he will become detested by them)

  • The Papacy / Catholic Church Syndicate will begin moving toward in agreement with middle east countries (Turkey) in forming / supporting a union with Islamic Principles

  • A New Wine about be poured out (God's Spirit)

  • Many colors blending together indicating many different attributes / faucets to this New Wine (Spirit)

  • Much of this New Spirit being released will be outside the Church

  • Many isolated revivals will break out (like the 1906 Azusa Revival)

  • (The enemy will try to discredit the new leaders of these isolated movements by dredging up or opening past doors in people's lives ... trying to cause division amongst leadership) 

Jan. 2018

billy b


Future World Events

The Holy Spirit motioned me to follow Him. We sat down near what appeared to be a meeting of some individuals. The Holy Spirit leaned over and told me to keep my eyes on the speaker. I noticed this meeting was a United Nations meeting. As I watched the speaker the face became clear. It was President Erdogan of Turkey. As I watched, the face of Erdogan turned into Hitler's face, then a supreme leader of the Islamic Regime and then finally into satan's face and body. (Many have stated Erdogan is the final anti-christ). Instantly I was looking down on Europe as a whole. The whole financial and governmental system of the EU began to melt and disintegrate. There was much confusion, riots and chaos. I seen President Erdogan speaking in many of these European Countries. (The thought came that because of the many Islamic / Muslim people brought to these countries and because of their radical ideology that he was asked to possibly negoiate a peace amongst the factions).  I seen Erdogan's stature and prominence increase. I seen the pope in a city. A fire burned off his white clothing and exposed a huge demon. I seen the Middle East Area. Rev. 17: 3, 5,18; Rev. 18: 9 -11,19 (Saudis Arabia). (Zech. 5: 1 - 4; Jerm. 51:11) I seen God's Judgment on Saudis Arabia in the form of a nuclear bomb launched by Iran. The Lord said this vacuum will create peace for a time. I sensed this peace would be like an individual holding ones breath. (Rev. 17: 6 - 18) I seen Erdogan assembling the Middle East countries together forming a union (probably the 10 toe kingdom). His stature and prominence continued to increase. When Europe disintegrates, their trade with the United States will cease or will be considerably lessened. The United States looked like a wilted plant indicating their industry and finances were very anemic. Donald Trump what appeared to have won a landslide victory in the presidential campaign and what looked like Joe Biden possibly had been the runner up. Hillary Clinton appeared to be immobilized or maybe incarcerated for all her alleged crimes against the country and people. The Holy Spirit showed me friction / disruption in Latin America possibly being caused in some way by El Salvador.  I also was shown Argentina where there looked to be some banking failure or failed confidence in their banking system. Lastly the Holy Spirit showed me Canada. I immediately seen the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I then seen an Islamic clothing garb (clothes worn by Islamic people) melt in what looked like some kind of liquid. (It has been recorded that Justin Trudeau had become a Muslim or seeking that faith). I suspected that he had now renounced or forgotten about this walk.

(All these scenes were visions with no words ... I tried to analyzie what they represented from the scenes I seen)

June 2016

Billy b


A Caribbean Earthquake

I seen the word Trinidad in the Spirit Realm. I seen a tsunami wave approx. 60 feet high coming in and destroying harbors and buildings along the shore in this southern area of the Caribbean. I seen massive refuge floating in the ocean after the wave destruction. I seen damaged wooden structures collapsing into the water with people trapped inside. I seen inside of a beautiful mansion over looking the ocean. I heard a sound something like feedback from a microphone system. Then a violent shaking that the individuals sitting in this luxurious home fell from their chairs. There was considerable damage done to earthen structures by this earthquake as well as instigating the huge tsunami wave damage. I heard the Holy Spirit say that there is no hiding, even by the wealthy and or elite about the shaking that is coming upon the face of the earth. I seen lava fissures with steam billowing up when the molten lava encountered the ocean water.

June 2016

Billy b

A Warning to North America

As I waited for the Holy Spirit to come .... I found myself in a special huge room. There were guards or individuals in uniforms to direct or assist, that were standing at different doors leading into inner rooms. One such individual led me over to a certain door ... He asked if I could hear the conversation ... I could hear voices but not with clarity ... We both went thru the door without opening it ... I seen Obama talking to the Illuminati (evil elites / cabal) ... they were discussing a plan ... immediately I was looking down on the northwest section of the United States and Canada to the north ... my focus was on Mt. Helens (previously active volcano in Washington State) and my thoughts turned to the Yellowstone Park area ... I seen what looked like surface devastation created by an earthquake ... years ago the Lord had showed me the location of a huge earthquake that would initiate in Washington State (Puget Sound area) ...

I then realized what the plans were by someone  ... the populace that would be affected by such a disaster would be at least a million ... emergency shelters / areas would be set up temporarily to look after all the displaced people involved who had lost their homes or had to move out from these dangerous areas ... what looked like a possible deceptive virus would be planted in these heavily populated areas (emergency shelters / fema camps) ... many people would die from this illness ...

I asked the Lord why I should record this ... the Holy Spirit came and seemed to be looking at some footprints ... these footprints would declare or expose those who had planned such a heinous crime ...

billy b

May 2016

Coming Destruction of America

Jeremiah 10:17 - 22; Ezekiel 7


Lord's spirit instructed me to read the above scriptures ... I seen in the spirit realm a land (America) covered over with a entanglement of heavy shrubbery / dead undergrowth that had choked out the land that was once fertile ... a land that had once been covered with lush grass and flowing rivers (God's Blessings.)                                                                                                  

The Lord said ... "disobedience ... turning away from Me ... honoring idols caused hearts to die, turning from Me caused hearts filled only with a coldness ... a hardened heart, full of deceit, arrogance and self centeredness."                                                 

This increasing heavy undergrowth, choking vines / shrubbery represented a people's heart continually and ever increasing turning away from their God, their Creator. This heavy undergrowth was absorbing all the water causing a land (a people) to dry up (absence of God's Spirit / Presence). The thought came to me the only way to rid the land of this dead undergrowth and dead shrubbery would be to burn it. I sensed the Lord's rising indignation and He was about to burn up this refuge with His fire that had usurped all God's blessings. The landscape (land) would never be the same (people's lives and commerce of this land (America).  This fire would be the aftermath (judgment) of this nation's sin upon their land and will affect humanity in all countries in different ways.                                                                                                                                                                               

The Lord said ... " a time is coming when I will judge all the nations ... I will send My representatives to their lands and inquire of them of their obedience ... their support of Me, My Plans, of My People ... their verbal answers and their inner thoughts will judge them as to their judgment ... their future."                                                                                                                                       

The breakdown of a society is due to a decreasing of Godly morals and is like water, a form lack of substance to build on and grow. A total devastation and destruction is coming to America. A sickness (internal strife and destruction from within) will cause this countries inability to defend its borders. Outside interference from factions and or self interests will remove any ability of the country to rebuild itself or prosper again.

America is Israel in this scenario

Jeremiah 11:3 - Cursed is the man (nation) who does not obey the terms of this covenant (This covenant is described in verses 4 &5)                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Jeremiah 10:17 - The Lord is telling His Own to leave the land before the destruction and feeling the cruelty, oppression of the ruling government.                                                                                                                                                                                      

verse 18 - The Lord proclaims the evil leadership will be destroyed and their control broken over the people and over nations as a whole (Cabal / US government leaders)                                                                                                                                          

verse 19 - The evil leaders will be brougt down due to their evilness and face judgment ... I suspect some widely visible leaders will face public prosecution, some destroyed and many unknown working behind the scenes will flee and find refuge for a time.

verse 20 - A type of Babylon the Great will be destroyed (people's way of life, the military, nation's commerce)                                                

verse 21 - A nation that turned away from God's Provision and Providence ...  no longer could hear or perceive Godly direction due to a hardening of their hearts succumbed in evil doings.                                                                                                                      

verse 22 - The nations God will use for His retribution.


Billy B 
June / 2014
God's seven years Plan

In history the Lord orchestrated seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine in Joseph's time. The end results was God's family (Joseph with his father Jacob and his brothers) were re-united and kept safe upon a land filled with much hardship and trouble. (Genesis 41)

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to read of Joseph's plight and of God's Plan shown to Pharaoh of 7 years of prosperity followed by 7 years of famine. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the final 7 years coming soon (Tribulation Period). This final 7 year years will be a blend of the original two periods in Joseph's time. I seen the two 7 year periods in Joseph's time placed in a blender and creating a blend or mixture for this final 7 year period. The final 7 year period was shown to me as a land where deserts existed but oases were numerous in these deserts.  The deserts represented regions, nations caused by famines and hardships that were created by weather and or political posturing of leadership and or nation's acceptance of the Lord whether they received the Lord's blessings or curses. As Joseph opened up the storehouses when the famine began the Lord indicated He also would open up the storerooms of Heaven to supply His People. I noticed some of the people receiving much wealth but never significantly helped others in distress because these people never lent or extended their blessings to others in any great way. Others I noticed had money stuffed and overflowing out of their pockets. These people listened to the Lord; their hearts were fashioned by Him. The Lord sent these people across regions, nations to help feed, care and organize relief for many. The Holy Spirit pointed out to me the purpose of this 7 year period has a similar purpose as in Joseph's time. This purpose is to bring God's People (family) together to a safe place (Wilderness Kingdom) secure from the hardships and destruction that will be taking place upon the earth.

God's Promise to supply a safe place (Isaiah 2:1-4, 11:11-16, 43:1,5-6; Jerm. 3:14-18,30:3,7; Ez. 20:33-44, 36:8-11, 37:1-28; Rev. 7, 12) to name a few verses. 

God's People or Family are those who acknowledge Him, whether knowing Him before this 7 year period or recognize His Providence in this final 7 years before the Lord's Return for His Own.

The Lord points out in Joel 2 that those who keep their hearts and minds upon Him, keep their hope in Him and not dwelling upon their situation, it is to those who I will open up the flood gates of Heaven to bless (verse 18 - 27) and then after that death and destruction (famine) will come upon the land.

Billy B

June / 2014


Canada's standing before God and the consequences

2Cor. 7:14; 1Kings 8:33

I was before the Ancient of Days in the spirit realm ... Individual creatures were coming and going before His Alter ... the Lord handed them scrolls ... I seen written on the scrolls events that are about to take place on earth ... the Ancient of Days turned and looked at me and said ... "continue to write, notify and warn the people of what is to come ... I have a word of judgment coming for Canada ... We will begin ... province by province starting from the west " ...

British Columbia

Oh how I have watched you turn away from Me ... British Columbia is not under My Jurisdiction ... they have flaunted My Commandments ... they have not stayed under my Reign ship ... My Protection ... they have allowed foreigners amongst them ... bringing in their own worldly religions / gods ... loosening, removing My Power of influence over this people's land ... radiation fears / contamination / health fears and the reality of it will usurp their concentration of Me ... economic fears facing them will cause them to lose focus of Me ... their churches for the most part are a sham, speaking of Me but no heartfelt love for Me ... words only ... focus on humanity has taken My Place ... of My Word ..."

I seen a dragon like beast rising up out of the ocean off shore of Vancouver (Leviathan Spirit)... in filtering / coating the hearts and minds of the people (brought over from east Asia and around the world) ... an orphan type spirit is prevalent across the province (people being separated from God) ... different ideologies of all foreigners have caused confusion, dismantling leadership and loyalty to the land ...  " They will never be strong, they never will be solidified in My Love ... in My Tenderness brace because of their foreign gods and life style ... the natives chose the land instead of the establishment ... but not Me ... creation has a larger audience or interest than Me the Creator (New World Age)"

Northern gas field production will dry up due to the effects of earthquake(s) offshore in the immediate area (pacific ocean) ... west coast ocean food industry production will dry up due to radiation contamination ... huge traffic congestions will be caused by avalanches effecting  highways caused or aftermath of earthquake(s) ... lakes will dry up ... lakes will appear changing the topography of the land again by the effects of these earthquake(s) ... rivers heavy laden with mud creating havoc for town, cities, irrigation projects water supplies ...  real estate prices will fall dramatically (large centers) ... the government has no or little solutions ..." I am coming with My Spirit ... tell the people to prepare for the worst"

I asked the Lord what these people should do ... the Lord said ... come back to Me ... churches, individuals as a whole ... kneel down and cry out to Me continuously to lift this judgment off their land ... when their cries reach My Alter ... in overwhelming proportions of repentance before Me I will raise My Hand and quiet the land"

British Columbians are prisoners in their own land, held hostage by the Leviathan spirit. The Holy Spirit said they will not get out of this prison until they cry out to the Lord and acknowledge Him, their Creator ... it will be then and only then will He hear their cries rising up to Him that he will release them from this spirit that dominates ... holds them hostage ... that which is destroying their land    


Billy B

March 2014

Alberta ... My Unfaithful Bride

The Lord said: "I have this against you oh land of Alberta & Albertans ... you have not been good stewards of the land and what I have given you ..."

Alberta ... a land of prosperity ... free mind sets have ruled this province, but now the Leviathan spirit is binding up, slowing down, destroying people's freedom in life due to rules / regulations in industries and in all levels of reality affecting man. Corruption starting at governmental levels is affecting Alberta's industry and people's way of life in general. The Cabal (Elites / New World Order) have links into the government distorting the original Alberta ideals. Heads of government are secretly bringing in Cabal type programs (restrictions with government controls in all areas of industry and personal lives of Albertans. The government has been guilty of operating in a form of arrogance in the past had been more concerned about image than solving or rectifying problems in the province. (Since leadership change the government is attempting to deal with the public with a softer or more open approach)

Sunny Alberta ... was once a phrase used generally for this land ... now the weather is cooler with skies of an ever increasing murky haze mainly caused by Chemtrails (spray seeding the atmosphere with chemicals of aluminum, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver to supposedly stabilize or increase global warming according to independent scientific studies - other researchers claim chemrails are the working parts of a Cabal blackmailing system known as HAARP - the Gyroton System on the ground - ground wave emergency network or space based lasers where the chemtrail particles create charged particles, plasma beam weapons - chemtrails are the medium for this directed energy method - in turn this system creates massive hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes)  This is causing an increase in moisture conditions creating increases in viruses, fungus, mold, mildew and insects as well more violent weather conditions ... acid rain is another by product of chemtrails ... these chemicals are finding their way into the drinking water for human consumption, which are highly toxic causing people to become more highly susceptible to disease and physical ailments ...  these chemicals are polluting the soils as well ... trees and other vegetation are dying of drought because the chemical aluminum found in the root systems prevents the root system to absorb water ... farmers are being pressured to use modern farming techniques through government controls ... governments are being paid off by large corporations (Eg. Monsanto) ... this large corporation has introduced Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) artificial grain / vegetable seeds and some are roundup spray resistant ... these Frankenstein grains and vegetables are now found hidden in our foods today ... independent studies have insinuated these foods are highly toxic causing cancer in laboratory animals being fed these modified foods over a certain length of time ... increased agricultural spraying of crops has caused increased soil pollution, breakdown and the leaching of these chemicals into surface and some underground water systems ... an absence of wildlife is believed to be caused by these toxic sprays affecting their sanctuaries ... other forms of pollution are hydro-carbon gas emissions and some open pit petroleum mining affecting surface water, human life and domestic animals ...

The Lord said: "But ... My Spirit remains with some and it is with those I share My Revelatory Plans with of the coming countdown to My Return"

I asked the Lord what must these people do ...? "Their minds and bodies are slowly being poisoned ... search out the past generational people's practices toward Me and imitate their actions to establish a relationship with me ..." The Holy Spirit indicated that this procedure would be a reversal of modern day thinking of always looking ahead and never looking back ... I thought of some  great leaders of Alberta from the past (Past Premiers EC Manning and B Eberhart) whom the Lord said walked in His Foot Prints and blessings had been laid up in Heaven for Alberta because of them ...

The Lord said this Province is a Province of considerable wealth ... wealth can corrupt man's belief system ... the moral rectitude of this province is dying ... ever increasing wealth strategies and concentrating on getting ahead is the most common factor in this philosophy of thinking ... Jesus said (Mathew 19:23,24) that is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God

Billy B

May / 2014


The Latter Day Rain

Joel 2:23, 28 - 31

I seen a cloud rolling over the land ... coming upon the scene ... like God's Shekinan Glory descending upon the scene in the new temple Solomon dedicated to God (2 Chronicles 5:13, 14).  This Shekinan Glory (the Lord of Glory) is about to descend upon His People. I seen ... people being filled with God's Kingdom Power in the church scene ... people meeting in houses while worshipping the Lord ... The Spirit falling upon people in their homes ... descending upon people / friends in coffee shops and public places ...

"My Spirit is looking for those who have prepared themselves for My Coming through disciplined obedience ... removing the right to themselves in their own lives and have allowed Me to come in and prepare them for My Name Sake... two people will be together ... one will receive My Fire and the other will not." I noticed one with army boots receiving a greater measure of God's Glory. The army boots signifies to those who have been training, removing themselves from their lives (their own interests and desires).  I saw life styles being disrupted by the economic turbulence coming in countries.

"I am about to do a new thing ...  My Spirit will burn the remaining dross from those selected ones prior to the encampment of My Supernatural Spirit ... those who are unprepared for Me I will pass by ... those who will allow a little of My Glory in I will comply ... these ones will preach My Gospel with conviction and with Power ... people's belief systems and lives will be shaken ... disrupted ... turned or changed by an encounter by My Spirit... signs and wonders will dominate the scene with those who carry My Glory ... this revolution or movement is but a fleeting moment in this time era ... a culmination or prerequisite to my final time table ... my increased presence and unlimited power will increase the faith, hope in many in the taxing times coming ... look to Me and My Coming and I will come and sup with you ... if I have made your calling pleasant  be thankful in Me and if your calling is one of various hardships thank Me in continuous communion with Me ... above all things know I am the Sovereign God and nothing (event) is allowed or be enacted without My consent ... so look up to Me your Saviour, Redeemer, Kinsmen in these perilous times to come and know I am God ... "


Billy B

January 2014

The Judgment of Babylon the Great

Rev. 17, Isaiah 13, Obadiah, Rev. 6


The Spirit of the Lord ...

"My spirit will not always rest upon America ... I have turned my back on them for but a moment. My wayward children will feel a cold chill of no protection in this hour as My Judgment has come upon them. In their day of destruction and despair they will turn to Me and once again begin to acknowledge My saving grace I am willing to give them. In a single hour their countries world supremacy will be devastated ... surrounded in ruin they will cry out to me and I will once again will build up their hearts and give them hope. For My final Plans / Judgment has come upon the earth ... look up My People, My Sons of Jacob and cry out to Me in this hour for My heart is heavy but judgment must come for I am a just God ... a God full of mercy and forgiveness. Behold from this day on My Judgments shall begin to unfold upon the face of mankind until its finish bringing to completeness My Father's Kingdom. Do not despair My Children but look to Me for I am your Savior ... for behold all who cry out to Me shall be delivered and saved in this hour of judgment".

Note: America is a reflection or type of the scriptural Babylon the Great

Billy B

Dec. 2013

The Cabal and America's coming demise 

Jeremiah 50 & 51; Rev. 17


The Spirit of the Lord came upon me ...

I was told to go somewhere quiet to hear His message ...

I felt a solemn or very serious situation arising in the realm of the spirit ...

In the spirit I saw a military committee involving Russian and Chinese personnel in progress ...

The Lord said they are discussing a nuclear attack plan ...

(I thought of past warnings of destruction coming to New York, which is the Cabal's business hub attempting to control the global economy and affairs)

I saw a red light flashing on and off ... a sign blinking eminent ...

I saw people struggling and fighting to get the last can goods off of store shelves ...

The plan has been formulated and has a code name ... ready to be implemented!

Billy B

Dec 2013

The Trap/ Snare

Jeremiah 50:23, 24


One evening I was listening to the news on television about US politics. I mused how the main hot topic all news media outlets were talking about "Obamacare" was like an animal leg trap to the leader Obama and his government. I envisioned how this trap or health plan had ensnared Obama and his government by their lies describing and implementation of the plan.  I then seen a vision of the American dollar ... the Whitehouse symbol on the currency bill fell through the dollar leaving a hole in the currency bill. The Holy Spirit implied to me that the disintegration of this country had started from their strong tower or position of strength, namely the central  government it's self.

The Holy Spirit showed me a metaphor or symbol of this situation. I saw a good looking young man with golden hair and a beautiful gown (indicating how America had been blessed when initially founded with Godly principles). Dogs were biting at his heels and legs as he walked and more wounds were continually increasing on his legs (scandals, cover-ups & corruption). His attention was totally concentrating on how to evade the demands of the public for truth in these matters.  I thought how the whole country was submerged in deep deception and the moral compass of the country was disintegrating downward. (Jeremiah 51:17) A great sword appeared ... striking deep into his heart ... he never saw the attack coming ... his sword was still in his scabbard. I saw wolves pulling and fighting over the entrails of the carcass. These words came to me: Destruction and Desolation to Babylon the Great!

The Word of the Lord through Jeremiah (Jeremiah 50:23, 24) indicates how the Lord allowed Babylon / America to snare themselves. Uncontrolled and ever increasing greed by this mysterious system (Cabal) caused them to be ensnared in their own trap. This ever increasing greed of stealing in greater quantities from the people without consequences, finally caused them to be found out and caught as verse 24 indicated.

America is a type or reflection of the biblical Babylon the Great.

Billy B

Nov. 2013

The Cabal

I seen an individual striving to stay on top of a high hill or mountain. He was hanging on ... water was flowing over the narrow sharp hill creating an undercurrent below him ... he was running as fast as he could, trying to stay ahead of the current of flowing water ... I seen a line or cable appear alongside him ... I could see he was gauging the distance between himself and the rescue line to see if he could jump or leap over and grasp the line ... a small cloud moved across in front of my vision ... when the cloud past by the individual was gone ... had he tried to leap over and grasp the seemingly rescue line and fell after hanging on monetarily or had he lost footing from the undertow of moving water and was washed away ...?

I seen an individual on a high scaffold who was building or creating a hideous looking statue ... the scaffold and statue was submerged in water ... the current of the water was creating an ever increasing resistance against the base of the scaffold ... suddenly the scaffolding collapsed disappearing into the flowing water along with the individual ... the statue (structure and plans already implemented) remained - isolated by moving water ...

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me the individual was the Cabal (the mystery woman or harlot described by John in Revelation Chapter 17). The statue was the evil plans the Cabal was devising under the guise of a New World Order. The moving water in both scenes is most of the world's humanity / countries resisting or disapproving of this evil system the Cabal is trying to bring to fruition in America and then world domination.

I noticed in both scenes the individual (Cabal) failed to complete or bring in his plans for the world (Jeremiah 50 & 51 ...). I considered how the structure was still in place for this evil implementation after the Cabal's initial failure and how this system would be used by the anti-christ in the future. I wondered in the first scene if the Cabal had tried to negotiate a deal for amnesty over their heinous crimes to humanity that they had committed throughout history and then something had happened to prevent this action ...  I remembered John describing the prophecy of the Second Seal still to come upon America - possibly (New York) (Revelation 6, Isaiah 13:17...).

I said to the Lord ... why is New York attacked or destroyed since the Cabal's efforts seemingly have failed?  The Lord replied .... Because they (Cabal) tried a comeback! ...

 I remembered seeing God's final judgments on America (Revelation Chapter 18) ... a hurricane of mammoth portions striking the New York area ... sea water was driven two hundred miles inland flooding tributaries and rivers ... a portion of New York was destroyed ... I seen the lady's arm that held the light (Statue of Liberty) partially broken off which had symbolized God's past blessings on America (Revelation 18:33) ...
Note: America again is a type or a reflection of the scriptural Babylon the Great
Billy B
Oct. 2013
Mystery Babylon (The Harlot)
Revelation 17
The Holy spirit came ...
He was dressed in a tuxedos, white gloves and a top hat. He beckoned me to come and get into a limousine car. The car stopped, the Holy Spirit opens the door and lets me out. We went into a social gathering or engagement with international individuals. The Holy Spirit pointed out the Pope, the Queen of England and many individuals dressed in tuxedoes with bland faces indicating they were leading double lives. Some of these individuals had masks on. (These individuals with the bland faces and those with masks were the Cabal). I realized the Holy Spirit was confirming to me what many individuals today around the world are uncovering. These individuals are part of the system that John spoke about in Revelation describing them as part of the mystery woman or harlot. It was impressed upon me this mysterious system started in the Vatican, Rome and migrated across Europe to England. From England the system migrated to the United States. The devious development of the Federal Reserve serving as the central bank for the United States continually corrupts / steals from all parties she deals with and is but one front the Cabal is using to strengthen her might to rule deceptively over the world until now. This banking system is being exposed today as part of the Cabal and the United States government to further her interests. The Holy Spirit likened this harlot as a prostitute wearing many layers of clothing styled from the 1800's. She stood clutching a small purse (some believe this could possibly be the new currency or currencies the United States / Cabal will acquire with the new world wide currency reset?). Her face mirrored the president, Obama. It was impressed upon me the harlot's plan is to print / spread as much worthless money across America as possible before the currency collapses in order to weaken main street America's ability to resist Obama's agenda. (one major plan is to destroy Christianity and replace with Islam) Some believe then with her new currency wealth she could reign over the country, hoarding all the new money gained from the new global currency revaluation?
The Holy Spirit took me further out in time ... I noticed the harlot was faceless. I knew the Cabal / New World Order / the American government must have been exposed and taken down or its strength reduced (Jeremiah 50: 41 - 43, 45, 46 & Rev. 17: 16, 17). Some believe the Harlot could once again have tried to demand a usury fee to lend out the new currency they had hoarded similar to their now defunct American dollar to rule over the world? I seen a red hot poker lodged in hot coals. The red hot poker was picked up and touches America. (The Second Seal - Revelation 6) America is likened to an individual ... This burning created a deep wound, causing partial paralysis ... the wound never heals totally ... massive scar tissue prevents clothes from being worn over the wound indicating or signifying this deceit / corruption will not be covered up but exposed in America. I asked the Lord what happens to Obama ...? I seen him running ... the earth opened up and swallowed him.

The Holy Spirit indicated satan was continually ruling / reigning behind the scenes and will continually play the mystery harlot and the soon to come " Ten Toe Kingdom " or world system (Daniel 7:24) against each other under the coming guise of the anti-christ until he has total control. After satan has full control I seen him begin to tear each layer of clothing off the Harlot. Each layer of clothing unveiled massive amounts of people or different levels of the system. In turn he collects all the people from the system (Cabal) and destroys them all. When all the layers of clothes / levels of the system and people are destroyed the Harlot is naked (Jeremiah 13: 12 - 27). In the past many would create sexual immorality again with the naked harlot ... starting the system all over again ... The anti - christ is different! He is not human ... He is full of sheer domination fuelled by hate, anger, vengeance and pride. He places a lock and chain on her ankle. She is exposed, chained up and becomes defenseless / shamed. He then rules as a tyrant ... completely merciless.

Note: America / Cabal are associated with and a type of the scriptural Babylon the Great


Billy B

October 2013

Second Seal (The Red Horse)
Rev. 6:3,4; Ps 83 ; Isaiah 13
In the spirit realm I seen the beginning actions of a military war (anti aircraft weapons being used, etc.) to prevent air strikes / controlling air space, etc. to discourage the acquisition of strategic land locations, etc. to hamper or restrict the financial and military might of a nation. (A possibility of the U.S. trying to prod or involve Iran into a future military confrontation from the escalating internal destruction of Syria or the U.S. intervening and trying to control the financial atmosphere of the Middle East and the whole world through continuous manipulation)

I saw Iran turning to China for military help ...

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me one work "Clandestine" The meaning of this word means needing to be concealed, usually because it is illegal or unauthorized, secret or kept hidden.
The Chinese military have created either a highly secretive technical military weapon or bomb and with Iran's help will strike New York. This weapon or bomb will diffuse, render helpless a country's ability to see an attack coming or to wage a counter attack.
I seen in the spirit realm New York's Statue of Liberty blind folded.

I believe Iran with the secret help of China will strike back against America's military and financial aggression against them. I seen flesh floating in water in a disintegrated state which represents a deadness or condition of life not being rejuvenated over a prolong period of time. This condition represents America's economic and social life when New York (business hub of the world) is destroyed.
June, 2013
Billy B


Satan thrown out of Heaven
Rev. 12:7,9; Rev. 13:4,5; Dan. 11

The Lord allowed me to see in the spirit realm a scene in Heaven ...

The Lord was sitting on His throne with many sitting in a row on both sides. The Lord turned to speak to satan who was standing behind Him. The Lord notified satan that his time coming and going in Heaven was coming to an end. Satan haughtily said he didn't care, that it was time he went down to the earthly kingdom to look after his affairs and be properly worshiped and honored like he was entitled or deserved to be. He then laughed harshly and said for a time anyway. (He was alluding to the time it would take him to deceive the people and governments involved to take full control of the world)

(Satan's Heavenly fall will cause him to enter the willful king of the North and become the Antichrist)

February 2013
Billy B

Isaiah 13, Jeremiah 50, 51
I heard the Lord say come up here ...
The Holy Spirit took my hand ... I saw rows and rows of angels and chariots quietly assembling ... God's Elect preparing for the final plans to take place ... I seen a cake called America the Great. The Lord was pleased with His Master Piece. I saw a candle on the cake representing the founding of this nation. The Lord heeded the prayers and requests of the leaders to keep it great. I saw Eagle Wings spread over and protecting this nation.
Then I seen a knife as it began to cut the cake into pieces ... each piece of the cake being removed represented God's influence and protection being removed or dismantled from the countries make up (schools, laws, individual's lives). Finally only crumbs remained ... on the bottom plate which this once great nation was founded upon were written these words: Destruction and Damnation to Babylon the Great
Rev. 17, 18, 19
I saw an asteroid narrowly miss the south west portion of the United States that caused disruptions along the ocean shores. Grass that was happily alive and singing suddenly over come with fire ... I heard the cries of agony from the grass as the whole area was burned, dead of life ... large hail stones raining down (four times the size of a golf ball).
"For I will raise up a great army from the people and prepare them before this day sounds in Heaven, to come upon and destroy these people who have committed these sins before Me ... who have turned their backs on Me and have ignored My Blessings that were once upon them"
May 2012

Billy B

Impending Judgment at America's Door
I saw a clock with the hand one minute to midnight. The people were going to vote in the existing president and government this fall. Immediately after that I saw a large whirlwind sucking up all the wealth in the country, probably due to their dollar losing the reserve currency status, inflation, increased taxes due to the government taking greater control over the economy. I seen the Lord shut off an irrigation canal which represented the Lord's blessing to America. In the past the Lord has said that people are held responsible for individuals they vote in to run their countries affairs and the course or direction these politicians lead the country. I believe the Lord had given this country four years of grace to reconsider and to reestablish His presence in guiding their country again. One of the first things done by this newly elected president would be to strip the supreme court of all power governing their constitution. Basically the people at this point will lose all their constitutional rights and this Marxism type government will have full control over the people and country.
Billy B
April 2012
The Near Future
Rev. 6:5,6 - Zech. 6:2,6
The Lord said ...  "come up here." I felt myself ascending up in the spirit ... I seen a huge eagle below me ...  immediately I found myself on its back ... the great bird swooped up into the second heaven. I looked to my right and seen many people in a meeting. A man I sensed as satan's representative was speaking to many individuals seated before him. The Lord said satan was devising a plan to add more suffering and hardships upon His people. These seated people represented nation's central bankers, governments, western influences through financial institutions and wall street. It was impressed upon me these added burdens or hardships would come in the form of increased taxes and inflation. These added burdens will add to the breakdown of our way of life or system as we know it today.  The Lord said that if any of His people cried out to Him that He would help in their time of need. 
Billy B
January 2012
Warning Signs

Earth  tremors in the northwestern part of the United States (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc.). These tremors caused by the building stress being created by tectonic plates along the northwest coastal region, a warning sign of a major earthquake to come.

June 21, 2011

A Journey
The Lord said to me "I am going to take you on a journey". I cried, oh how I love to be with the Lord. I remembered once how the Lord had said that to him who is mindful of his own frame; to him He can take anywhere! Instantly I was aware of ascending, almost like drifting higher. The presence of the Lord was heavy and looked like a heavy fog. I became aware of passing individuals that seemed cloaked in the Lord's presence or in this fog like conditions as I ascended higher. It was impressed upon me that these individuals were past greats who had changed man's history. I thought I recognized some of these great men "God's Generals" from the past where the Lord had allowed me to see and to speak to some of them. Some I was surprised at because I didn't think they were individuals where God had openly communicated with, but seemed more in worldly affairs when changing man's history. I noticed I felt lighter as I ascended higher. I became aware of scenes unlike nature of this world. The rocks, cliffs varied in shades of red and the water was like a deep blue gel. An explanation of this scene was explained or likened as light passes through a prism. The light is refracted or broken down into many different colors or different wave lengths. In this case the light was God's work that has the ability to create or change matter into different compositions. I ascended higher ... I seen matter moving or material that looked like sand like material ... in the past the Lord had shown me this moving matter or energy and simple said "lets call it a cosmic disturbance". In the past this moving matter had traveled through me in the spirit and changed my body chemistry make up. My body then appeared like stainless steel and all sin and sickness which were of a different composition could not live in this new body structure and simply slide or fell off. I ascended higher ... I felt myself becoming lighter and lighter ... I was astounded at the bright eruptions above me and all around me ... they seemed bright yellow with a greenish tinge ... continuing erupting and blossoming like a flower that has been recorded in a fast forward motion ... or like the visual effects on a computer screen when techno music is being played. When I asked what this amazing scene was I was told or impressed upon me this was the very Being of God. I realized this was energy that was continually erupting and being created instantly because there is no time or a distance element in the spirit. I ascended higher ... now I was aware I was spirit ... there seemed like a fine screen type grid all around me ... the very being or energy of God was below me ... as I looked out beyond I supposed I was looking at infinity ... I felt alone ... wondering I said to myself, what is out here? ... I was startled when I heard the Lord say loudly "I AM"
The Lord said to me "I will take you out further, past the stars and moons and beyond"
... to be continued ...

May 8, 2011


The Third Heaven descending
 Rev. 12: 7 - 17
The  Lord said "come up here" ... I immediately though of and was amongst the clouds, the Lord said "come higher" ... I then was in the Second Heaven where in the past I have seen heavenly activity, of angels and demons traveling earthward to perform their assignments and seeing the spiritual battles on earth take place in different areas while watching above. As I looked upward toward the Third Heaven, I noticed the beginning of its Presence slowly coming down upon the Second Heaven's ceiling. The Spirit of the Lord said "slowly all that the Third Heaven contains shall be pushed out, down upon the earth. Then, these (satan and his fallen angels) will wage war on earth with mankind".

April 20/2011
Billy B

Genesis Chap. 6
The Lord  prompted me to read the above chapter in Genesis. The Lord said that he had destroyed these people who interbred with spiritual beings. Their off spring produced people of continual evil intent that caused contempt in God's eyes. Their supernatural DNA (genetic make up) was the beginning of their destruction by the flood and the next race of people (after the flood) had Noah's DNA (man's genetic make up) preventing this atrocity of repeating itself. This action has taken time because there is still evidence of this supernatural DNA in latter times during the journey to the promised land.
Now because of man's continuous evil intent; in the near future, judgment is about to come upon man again, initially destroying a third of mankind.

April / 2011
Billy B

This time has come
Rev. 10

(Rev. 10:4)  John was told not to write these final chains of events he saw or what the Lord was saying or explaining to him and Daniel was to finish or conclude his recorded events that the Lord had shown him in Dan. 12: 4, 9.
I was shown two roads running parallel to each other. The first road represented John & Daniel's past description of the chain of events that are coming to pass. The second road represented present day revelation that will relate to the initial events recorded represented by the first road. This new revelation today will relate to these events as they begin to unfold or are about to unfold in the near future.  Also new or final revelation is coming as the Lord promised relating to future final events as this age comes to a climax.
April / 2011
Billy B

Earthquake off British Columbia's west coast!
An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of British Columbia! This quake center will be situated near the Aleutian Island, Alaska ... along / over lying a fault line. I seen in the spirit realm Vancouver inlet harbor ... huge waves creating great damage, boats being slammed into other boats, buildings, etc. The waves will destroy ferries beyond repair. Many smaller crafts will be lost; out to sea ... there will be loss of life ...
April 20, 2011
Billy B


A call to action "America"
 I saw in the spirit realm an old time scene. I was watching a community event or social gathering called a box social. Here the people danced, socialized and then at the climax of the night, individuals bought different lunches hidden behind boxes that were beautifully wrapped and ate with the individual who made the lunch. One particular individual purchased a box wrapped in black, covered with a silver ribbon and bow. The individual turned into the nation of America. The bidding of this lunch box represents America's action in the past or what America is receiving for its past actions or failed actions. In the past this once great nation's footsteps was guided by the Lord. Their laws, administration, schools admonished the Lord's laws, precepts and judgments.  Overtime the Lord's commandments were slowly removed from the cornerstone of their principles. I watched as America was slowly unwrapping the dark box ... (James 4:4) ... leaders, administrators allowing the enemy to steal, corrupt their conscious from the Lord's leading (holiness and righteousness - doing what is right in the light of the Lord). I watched as the leader's corrupted voices and speeches slowly began to deceive or blind the people. The Lord interrupted this scene by saying "Not all the people are being deceived ... those who hear My voice are fully aware of what is happening". I seen many of these people truly perplexed with the present situation and what is happening to their country with great despair and anguish.  The Lord's Spirit showed me that these people, God's remnant, must take action or fight back against this invading horde of darkness that is now spreading across their nation. Then I was overwhelmed with the Spirit of the Lord that impressed upon me " I am not defeated nor shall I ever be". (1 John 4:4) The difference between people of the world and the people of God is their respective attitudes toward Jesus Christ. By the illumination or empowerment of the Holy Spirit, who is greater than Satan (the spirit of error), true believers can overcome deceiving teachers. The people must prepare (pray for direction and unity), step forth and fight against this darkness to win back their country before God. I seen as these people prepared themselves and then stepped forth in faith to counter attack, instantly the Lord's empowerment was there to help them. In the spirit realm as the people stepped forward (their initial action) the light of the Holy Spirit immediately began to expand or explode pushing back the realms of darkness.

April 15, 2011
Billy B

Earthquake to America's shore

Mark 13: 6 - 8
There  is an earthquake coming to America's shore. This earthquake will be located in the northwest section of the country. This earthquake is coming soon, "Eminent". The quake center will be just south of Seattle at Tacoma, Washington. There will be major damage at the center of this earthquake. There will be minor damage running south as far as San Francisco and within a few miles of the Canadian border. Vancouver will feel the effects. This earthquake will be felt across America as a whole, a prelude in the natural or sign of what is coming to America in the near future.

March 31, 2011
Billy B

Another earthquake is coming

An earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter scale is coming to Ohio. The epic center of this quake will be at Toledo, Ohio. I seen an early morning  peaceful scene of sail boats off the shores of Toledo, in Lake Erie and schools still empty due to the early hour when this quake reputes.

April 2, 2011
Billy B
 Today I was given an envelope covered with a rough golden texture in the shape of stars. When I opened this envelope I saw the stars in the sky glowing, twinkling with different colors like Christmas lights. This phenomenon will be caused by solar gases traveling through space.

March 30. 2011
Billy B

The Coming Day of the Lord

Luke 21: 25 - 28
The Lord indicated to me that He has so many things to say and show me that they would overwhelm me. The Lord showed me how He would continue to show me these future events. I seen the Lord handing me an envelope, each envelope represented a particular event or action that would take place. Today the Lord handed me a pink envelope. As I opened the envelope the presence of the Lord overwhelmed me. This envelope represented the Lord's Spirit of Wisdom. The Lord said "In the latter days I will pour out My Spirit upon all man kind." The Lord in His Grace will give His Spirit of Wisdom to people in these final days so they are prepared for this time of trouble coming upon the face of the earth. I seen many people fearful, perplexed about the things coming to pass and their inability to handle the fear as they see these things begin to unfold. Many of these people began to notice those who seemed to acknowledge what is happening around them with understanding and seemingly portraying a confidence in knowing the end result. Many were drawn to these people, who know the Lord and his mandate, for comfort, knowledge and direction.

March 20, 2011
Billy B

Rev. 6:12 - 14, 8:7 - 12, - Isa. 34:4 - Joel Chapter 2:30, 31 - Acts 2:19,20

As I waited in the spirit the Lord began to show me that which is to come. Signs in the heavens will appear: "When you see these signs know My return is near" ... I seen the sky above reflecting patches of rainbow colors, flashing, appearing, disappearing ... 
I seen solar disruptions / storms on the surface of the sun, followed by darkness where the solar storms had appeared ...
A dark mysterious rogue planet / star appeared from behind the sun (planet x) ... its orbit came between the earth and the sun. When this mysterious dark planet / star came close to the earth on this orbital path, the earth was greatly affected by the gravitational pull or impact from this heavenly being. The earth's original axis was violently changed, the earth was titled at a greater angle causing the seasons and time to be changed radically. Many physical changes will take place upon the earth causing great disruptions ...
A red solar dust appeared in the sky causing a dull glow at night and could be seen in the day as well ... after math or debris from this rogue planet ...

Some continents and or countries will sink in elevation, others will rise in elevation. This will be a sign in the natural of the changes coming in the spiritual realm.


Billy B

Promised Prosperity to this Nation
God's covenant with Israel is everlasting, He remembers His covenant forever! (Ps. 105: 8-11)
God's promise to Israel is one of blessings, prosperity and peace. (Prov. 10:22) We all are admonished to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps. 122.6). This prayer should be constantly upon our hearts and minds. God has promised to bless those who pray for the nation (Israel and her people) who are the closet to His heart. * Prime Minister Harper has stood up and declared before the United Nations and to the world that he is supporting Israel no matter what other nations think. The Lord is about to honor and bless Prime Minister Harper who represents Canada in his public support for His nation.


I have seen The Lord's intentions in the spirit realm:

There was a meeting, many individuals representing the nations of the world sitting before the chair speaker who had authority over this meeting (United States). Individuals stood at the back of the room where there was standing room only represented countries with less statue or prominence (respect, power, wealth). One representative at the back raised his hand in objection to the status quo (nation's today not supporting Israel or her right as a nation to protect herself). * This individual walked forward to protest and to make a statement. I immediately saw individuals (Heavenly Hosts) intercept him and cover him with a white gown which represented the favor of the Lord. The Individual was led to the podium and became chair person for the meeting. The person representing Canada was then supernaturally transformed (propelled forward ... then begin to spin turning into a white glowing cylinder ... this white cylinder became increasing whiter and glowed with God's Glory) and blessed with God's favor and grace above all the other nations. All the other nations fell away or were of less importance when God's esteem glory fell upon this individual (Prime Minister Harper) who represents Canada. So let us pray, to bring into being the Lord's wish or favor upon Mr. Harper and Canada.


Billy B

The Latter Day Rain
Joel 2: 23 - 29

(spiritual out pouring)

As I sat before the Lord I became  aware in the spirit of a light, light rain over North America. I seen people hungrily try and catch the rain and drink it from the small drops on their faces and hands. These people represents those who are hungry for more of God's presence and His Glory.  Ever so slowly I watched as the rain increased gradually. I seen God's people begin to be washed off by this Heavenly rain. The Lord said to me: "My Rain will wash off my people" ... I seen once the people's worldliness was washed off by this heavenly rain they were then able to listen and hear spiritually from Heaven. (spiritual renewal).  The Lord then took me in the spirit, high above North America and showed me the contrast between the light (representing His People) and the darkness, those still in bondage to the cares of this world (Luke 8:14). When concentrating on Canada I could see the light or His people as sharp pin points of light, the concentration of this sharp white light were in the heavier populated areas of Canada. As the rain continued to fall, I noticed the darkness around the light (God's People) began to slowly turn gray and become lighter. This would indicate as God's Spirit is manifested in an ever greater degree, His Glory will be spread by His people to the lost and dying, who will then acknowledge God's sovereignty in their lives. I noticed Canada seemed to be a lighter shade than the United States, which seemed darker in many areas. I sensed the Lord's hand or grace upon Canada in a special way. I asked the Lord about this. To this the Lord simply said He had the least against Canada. Then as I watched I was taken out further away from planet earth. I watched the earth's rotation. I noticed Canada was much lighter than the seemingly darkened world and I seen God's crown embedded into the very geographical features of Canada.

I seen the Lord about to mount His white horse (representing the Lord's planned actions to begin). My focus was upon the stirrup in which the Lord was about to place His foot in to mount His white horse. The stirrup was Canada! 

Billy B

This Coming Day of Trouble

Psalm 46
As I was in the spirit I seen smoke rising up from the landscape. When I asked what it was, I was told it represented people's despair. This rising smoke in the not too distant future represents some form or forms of disaster quickly coming upon the scene.
( one form is a commerce melt down possible as soon as this fall). The Lord came and said to me "Son of Man...come with Me" I found myself before the Throne Room of God. The Lord was sitting on His Throne.
His image was very bright like diamonds or Jasper.

The throne and the Lord Himself kept changing or alternating in multiply colors. I fell down conscious of my sin and lack of holiness and righteousness. The Lord beckoned me to rise and drink a clear liquid from a glass. Instantly I watched as the clear liquid spread through my body removing the darkness and becoming consumed in His Light. A voice said to me to watch. I seen a small amount of water flowing from the Throne of God and seemed to gradually increase as if flowed from the Throne. (Revelation 22:1) A heavenly being dipped a glass into the flowing water and prompted me to drink.
I immediately was full of the blessings of the Lord (security, protection, abundance). The Lord will be our refuge and strength, a strong tower in which we His people may dwell, in this coming day of trouble. (Psalm 46)

2009 Billy B

The Future of Canada

I see Canada taking on the image of a great sailing ship. The Lord is preparing to unfold and raise up the sails in order that the Holy Spirit might begin to give direction and speed to this ship into uncharted waters. I see sink holes or whirl pools ahead, these represent ethnic groups, that have the potential to alter the Lord's course for this ship called Canada. May we as a people pray and lift up our governing authoritarians (Prime Minister and his government, every other member of parliament federally and provincially, governing officials in cities, towns and counties). Let us take authority over the enemy, shutting his mouth and influence over the hearts and minds of ethnic groups from coming against the flow or direction of this ship called Canada. This enemy has the potential to undermine the government's ability to govern, creating political disturbances and altering or causing the ship (Canada) to lose God's direction and speed. Lurking in the not foreseeable future I see rocks and reefs that represents complacency and greed. These dangers have the ability to cause this ship (Canada) to run aground and fill up with water (worldly interests, cares), causing this ship to become increasingly hard to maneuver and stay on course (Satan's influence). Let us, as Canadians, become vocal and violent in our prayers for our country. Let us stand, removing satan's influence in our governing leader's hearts and minds, coming against complacency and greed from taking over the administration of this great country. Thus, preventing this great beloved ship we call Canada from becoming ship wrecked. Let us pray constantly, uplifting our national leader, Mr. Harper, in order that our Lord might lift him up above the mist, fog, swirling adversaries (confusion). These adversaries are constantly waging war against him, trying to break his determination and vision God wants to give him for Canada. This ship called Canada today has a shiny or light demeanor (the Lord's covering). Let us pray for God's continuing guiding Hand upon Canada, lest we lose our sight and direction, running aground as so many nations in the world seem to be in danger of.

1/24/2009 Billy B

"Let no man be seduced in his thinking or not know the hour in which he lives in"
Daniel - Chapter 5:1 -28
Belshazzar was evaluated by God and found deficient or wanting. Belshazzar's irreverent of shameful actions of using God's holy vessels showed his pride, his arrogance in disregarding that which God Had sanctified - showed his failure in seeing God's power and authority or His lordship reigning over Babylon as well as over all the world! As I was reading this, I seen this same man's hand appear ... writing. The hand was writing on the wall of America. The Lord said: "I have found them wanting".
At the same time, in the spirit, I seen great cities appear, one after the other - in the background I seen vessels lain, stern / scattered about. These sanctified vessels represented what America used to stand for, the Lord's values, percepts that America's founding fathers used as a foundation or the very fiber of the United States. The Lord likened America to a piece of plywood lying on the ground. Lying there the plywood looked fine, but when I tried to pick it up, under neath the plywood was soggy from moisture and there was no strength or fiber left in its structure. The Lord said: "There are two structures in America - My structure (like a fine delicate window screen). The other worldly structure was like re-bar, very strong (corruption). My structure has not come to the forefront in America". The Lord showed me His Hand in bringing a candidate to the forefront in America's political scene. I admitted to the Lord I was a little confused, on one hand your judgment is at America's door, yet still You are trying to alter or make a moral change in their political scene. To that the Lord simply said: "Have I ever turned My back on America ... I keep hoping and waiting for them to turn back to Me - Like their fore fathers, who were mindful of Me and upon My principles and concepts America was structured and built - if My people will abound, bringing forth My precepts and commandments, I will bring them to the forefront and change America's structure". As I thought how Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abend.nego stood up for God's values, the Lord stood up for them ... sparring their lives, putting them into positions of authority. I think, so will it be today, if we the people step up to the plate, being defenders of the Lord's holiness and righteousness instead of turning our back, the Lord will honor us in ways, as He did in Daniel's time.
Let no man be seduced in his thinking or not know the hour in which he lives in!

The Lord showed me events happening globally:

Iran is employing missiles to their borders that will reach Israel. They are in the late stages of completing their nuclear capabilities.
Russia today is making plans to invade the Middle East / Israel (this doesn't mean they are planning to invade soon, only they are in the initial stages of planning to do so)
A new leader is soon arriving on the scene in Israel (I seen the new leader in the spirit driving a heavenly chariot earthward) Israel's new leader will bring to Israel the Lord's presence and His influence in different ways. This new leader will receive some gold teeth to confirm to him the Lord is with him.
Terrorist operations in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada
I seen a map of Canada - areas hit were eastern Ontario and Alberta (Edmonton)
One thing that was hopeful was the Lord mentioned His spirit is present in Rideleau Hall - Ottawa. The Lord said Canada has a time frame in which to turn back or acknowledge Him (judgment) is momentarily lifted from Canada, but there is a time table that must be fulfilled.
Prayer can change or make a difference in what seems to be coming to pass or judgement that is at the door. Prayer and stepping up to the plate can change the very fiber in your life, your family, city, province,  nation or nations. Just let the Lord lead as He wills.


Billy B




I see little embers of flames scattering all across Canada. Where ever these little flames are, Gods spirit is moving.

It's just the beginning. The Lord wants people to know He has heard their cries and is coming to show them His Love, with Heavenly wonders.

The Lord will pour His spirit out on the just as well as the unjust.

2008, Lois

1 Kings 17
 I seen a creek running freely with water, running merrily over and around rocks of all sizes - then I saw the same creek dry and heard the crunching sound when one walks over the now dry creek bed of gravel. The Lord prompted me to read the above scripture. After reading the first verse the Lord said: The next season shall bring a drought / famine from the western slopes of the Rockies to the eastern shores of Canada. Out of this dust, turmoil I shall raise up My Band of Prophets that shall go forth across the land spreading My Word, My Spirit. I sensed the Spirit showing me these Prophets have been and will be raised up like Elijah, having been taught to rely solely on the Lord for all things / provisions. This coming new season will come suddenly, the economic climate deteriorating rapidly ushering in a new era. I sensed a mournfully, agonizing silence stretching across the land as people waited for relief, hope in surviving this calamity. The Spirit impressed upon me the servants would bring hope, through God's Words and faith through the performing of miracles as Elijah did to the widow and her family to prevent poverty from her door. I sensed as people reach out in faith and hope as the widow did to Elijah, their needs would be meet and their faith increased proportionally. This new season will be the beginning of God's direct intervention into this land to prepare a people to know, respond and follow the Lord's last day commandments. These people will be the Lord's last day people, admonishing God's attributes of love, winning many souls for God's Kingdom.

Billy B.

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